Troy Flemming's Guitar Studio

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”

— Willy Wonka

Sharing Music

Your decision to give your child music lessons is an important and valuable one.  When a child learns to play a musical instrument they develop many other skills along the way.  Greater self confidence, enhanced concentration, and good study habits are just a few of the many rewards.  The most important reward is an ongoing and deepening appreciation for music that will enrich your child's life forever.

Who's Troy Flemming??

Troy Flemming ranks high among the many talented acoustic musicians on the Twin Cities scene today.  He is an accomplished fingerstyle guitarist as well as a versatile vocalist and yodeler.  Troy performs for audiences as often as possible in all types of settings.  As a longtime teacher, he has a passion for passing on his musical knowledge to others.

Troy grew up in the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park, MN. He was raised on a steady diet of novelty songs, Alpine yodeling, train sounds, old-time music, and rock'n'roll.  At fifteen he learned his first fingerpickin' guitar tune, Roy Buchanan's "Adventures of Brer Rabbit and Tar Baby," and was hooked!

At 18, Troy's guitar education continued with a year at McNally Smith College of Music. He spent the next 9 years in a string of rock bands, usually as lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter.

In 1995, Troy went back to school and began working on a degree in music. He studied with James Flegel, O. Nicholas Raths, and James McGuire on Classical guitar.

After surviving Y2K and having two babies, Troy's long dormant passion for Alpine music and yodeling came bubbling to the surface and quickly became a full blown obsession!

In 2009, with his yodeling front and center, Troy and his family formed an acoustic music group called, The Flemming Fold. Together they recorded two CD's, and performed all over the country. They've been featured on RFD-TV's "Midwest Country" and "Molly B Polka Party", KARE11's "Live at the Fair", and on "Country Music Jubilee" as well as several radio stations.

These days Troy stays very busy. He performs 2 to 4 times a week on the radio, in festivals, nightclubs, senior communities, special events, weddings, restaurants, fairs, and at churches.  Additionally, he teaches as many as 40 guitar students a week, composes and arranges music, records whenever possible, practices guitar and yodeling, and studies German and French languages.


Troy has a tremendous gift for teaching guitar.  He is one of the most popular guitar teachers in the Twin Cities west metro area.

He began teaching 30 years ago and taught at the Music Studios of Jan Erickson for 12 years. After moving to the New Prague area in 2009, he opened his own studio on New Prague's Main Street.  Troy has taught well over 35,000 lessons to date!!

Many of Troy's students have gone on to make a splash in the music world. One of his former students is now a Film Composer in Hollywood, scoring music for films, T.V. and video games. Two former students have been on T.V.'s "American Idol" and "The Voice". And countless others are enjoying careers in music; writing, arranging, and performing in all types of ensembles.