It's Finally Here!!

After 6 years of waiting, it is finally here...  "In the Key of Plenty".  Here are some of the things people are saying about it:

"Your music is such a day brightener."    "Love it. Keep on the Sunny Side! Yes!"    "Your new CD is awesome!!"    "A wonderful Gem of pure unadulterated music, harmonies, and fun for the soul, a must for any and all music fans...  The purity in these songs will bring out emotions unexpected, whether laughing, crying or pure joy."    "Still really enjoying it!  Warning though...hard to get the songs out of ones head!"    "Just finished listening to "In the key of plenty" by The Flemming Fold... A third time in a row!"   "All your family's voices are mesmerizing and wonderful to listen to."    "Man, can you yodel, Troy!  So dynamic, like listening to a bird song."

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